Can a tubal ligation come undone?


Question give or take a few sex and involves the vagina!?

i have a tubal ligation 6 years ago and am immediately lookign into have it reversed. it will depend on which type be done.. it it be banded or clamped later yes they can come undo. though most will own blotch tissue. the other ways would hold be tying a suture in two places and consequently removing the tube segment inbetween, the sutures can slide rotten and the two ends can reattach, mine be cut and burned single within one place, though even wiht burning it is possible for the ends to reattach and an introductory to form allowing the sperm to enter. a apt friend is currently pregnant after have this subsequent technique done. they cut and cauterize two separate segment. one second one that is to say not done as recurrently is particular as a Fimbriectomy tubal ligation, Tubal ligation by fimbriectomy involves removing a portion (usually up to one-third) of the fallopian tube closest to the ovary.

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Yes, it can take place but one and only if you enjoy extensive and invasive surgury(sp).

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well in olden times they didn't remove the tubes. They only just cut them so you could still attain pregnant if the egg go into the tube. Most Doctors in our time remove the complete fallopian tube or they cauterize them so near is smaller quantity of a break of the egg falling into the uterus.

If you are asking if you can 'fix' one, yes to be precise possible but it probably won't work

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Micro surgery may give a hand. But as far as my knowhow, the nouns rate is extremely smaller amount.
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