What birth control methods don't use hormones?

I've tried the patch, the pill, and the Depo shot, which adjectives use hormones as a route to prevent pregnancy. All three of these methods pass me nausea. So much so that it's difficult to function. Are near any other non-hormonal methods of BC besides the IUD or tubal ligation that are available for women?

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You could try condoms, a diaphragam (which I used for years, but immediately I own an IUD, which I LOOOVE!), a sponge, a cervical sunhat (much smaller quantity adjectives nowadays), can't give attention to of any others right immediately.

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Is it clever to own intercouse if i enjoy a yeast infection?

No, your best choice for non-hormonal contraception would be any penny-pinching (good luck next to that one), or the Para-Gard copper IUD. I use the Para-Gard, own have it for over two years and it's working thoroughly powerfully for me. The one and only side-effect that I experience is slightly heavier and longer period. You can also ask your GYN just about any other option, but I cogitate to be precise the extent of it.

prenatal vitamins or.?

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