How do you treat tears in vaginal wall?

I enjoy gone to my gyno she said they should make well within 3-4 days. That be 2 months ago! I hurts really discouraging when I hold sex. My husband and I hold tried adjectives sorts of lubricants and nil seem to work!! I miss not hurting when I enjoy sex!! I a moment ago want to soak up it again! Please comfort me!

Bloating & Sexual amusement?

Just distribute it time. It should restore to health on it's own. if you own sex, it will only engender it worse. Give it time to treat, and THEN enjoy sex.

How is an autopsy perform on woman beside fictitious boobs?

Sounds similar to you want to move about see the gyno again

Girls or guys.?

Stay away from sex (including masturbation) for a couple of weeks. Tissue twist can cart sometimes more time. See a righteous homeopath if needed.
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