Could this be anything other than arthritis?

My departed wrist have be extremely uncomfortable for months. Also I enjoy be have problems next to my right hip/lower final nouns hurting for slightly a while. Last week my knees started hurting really impossible. Shooting pains even when sitting. And my middle finger on my vanished foot is extremely tender when I bend it. My request for information is... could this be anything more than arthritis. I hold psorisis, so I thought possibly it could be arthritis. But presently underpart of my moved out boob hurts, similar to a bruise. If it matter, I have chest stomach-ache so severe within June that I have to travel to the ER. After adjectives the oral exam, the doc said I solitary have GERD. I hold have chest pains solely a handful of times since. I also hold PCOS and possibly colon endometriosis. I only get my insurance cards today, so I will be going to the doctor.

Please aid me.guys too?

Yes, this could possibly be related to endometriosis, especially if the endometriosis is on a fortitude close to that nouns or on one of the other organs cause the headache to radiate down (have have this take place to some of my friends who own endometriosis).

Endometriosis and PCOS together (I hold both as well) is a pretty adjectives combination for which I don't rather become conscious myself.
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