Ever had uterine fibroids removed?

I'm have surgery soon - and I'm a fidgety reck! Has anyone ever have a laparotomy near uterine myomectomy to remove a sizeable fibroid? What can I expect for surgery and salvage? Any counsel to unperturbed my nerves - I've never have surgery up to that time!

Peroid Question?

You won't discern a article during the procedure, that I can assure you.
Laparotomy procedure
A laparotomy is perform lower than nonspecific anaesthesia. The surgeon make a full-size, single cut through the skin and muscle of the tummy, so that the underlying organs can be clearly view. The exposed organs are later wisely examined. Once diagnosed, the problem may be fixed on the spot (for example, a perforate bowel may be repaired). In other cases, a subsequent operation may be needed. Once the laparotomy is complete, the muscle of the abdominal wall and the overlying skin are sutured (sewn) closed.

Immediately after the operation
After the operation, you can expect:
Your heat, pulse, respiration, blood pressure and wound site are discreetly monitored.
You may own a drain inserted at the wound site.
A small tube may enjoy be passed through your snout and into your stomach to help out drain stomach secretion for a daytime or two. This rests your digestive tract as it heal.
A urinary catheter is inserted to drain bad urine. This should be removed a light of day or so following acting.
You are on intravenous fluids, as you may not be allowed to put away for a few days.
Pain nouns should be given regularly, as ordered by your doctor, to maintain you comfortable.
As soon as possible, you are impelled to do your wide breathing and leg exercises.
You are assisted out of bed the morning after the operation (all going well). Early walking is celebrated, as it reduce the risks of blood clots and chest infections.
You hold day after day wound keeping and supervision, and proposal on kind for your wound at home.
Medication is given to you on discharge.

There will be some pain for a few days. How copious days? This is totally personal, respectively woman have a diferent even of uncomplaining pains. You will go and get painkillers and I suggest as long as you perceive misery or discomfort and poor quality or tirdeness, basically listen to your body. You body will signal you when you are in position to resume your each day goings-on. Good luck on the operation, its a relative small operation so lug some mild herbal remedy to serenity yourself until the operation is due (Rescue Remedy is one I favor - these are drops).

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It is a piece of cake of late relax and consent to the doctors toy with everything.
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