Bleeding, sex, and the LEEP?

I have the LEEP procedure done a year and a partly ago to remove some unexpected cell from my cervix. Ever since afterwards, everytime I hold sex I bleed and cramp.and it unmistakably is not nearly as lovely. The doctors don't come across to be concerned that I am still bleeding and have these problems...I am frustrated...prominently.
Has anyone else have this crop up or know why this may be scheduled? Any planning or suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!

I found a lump surrounded by my breast and I am worried to deathanyone out near enjoy words of suggestion?

I have a LEEP Procedure around 3 years ago. For the first year or so I other spotted and cramped after sex. I still cramp after sex. My Doctor didn't seem immensely concerned nearly it any, but I can notify you what she told me roughly speaking it. She said that everything have heal, it is lately going to purloin time for my cervix to be as strong as it be in the past. Sex truly "exercises" the cervix. That is how my Dr. explained it to me. When you own sex your cervix contracts and relaxes, a moment ago close to any muscle does when you exercise it. So the cramping is the equivalent to a muscle cramp. As far as the bleeding go, My Dr. told me that I would spot because the tissues or my cervix be still vastly New and childish, because of the LEEP that the spotting be newly because they be irritated. I really hope this help you. Your Dr. should hold at smallest explained what be going on to you.

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I'd be checking near a unsullied dr. That doesn't give the impression of being typical at adjectives within my belief, nor does the drs. nouns of concern.

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I would progress to another doctor. They should hold checked you since consequently. Have you gone surrounded by for yout once a year pap to bring in sure that at hand are not other problems? Also, if you plan on have kids, produce sure your doctor checks your cervix from 13 weeks on at every appointment, as women that enjoy have a LEEP procedure are more prone to Incompetent Cervix, and can organize to premature birth. I lost a little one girl due to this at 21 week a year ago Saturday. I didn't hold a LEEP procedure, but when I be doing research this come up as one of the cause.
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