How many of you women have had breast implants?


Has any one experienced menopause?

I agree beside 'whosyourmama'! I am essentially in good health endowed and longing i wasnt. bras closing 6 months TOPS and are deeply expensive, forget going on for buying a cute color or anything at Victorias Secret...i dont fit into any of their stuff! I could shop for a contemporary vehicle surrounded by smaller quantity time than it take to buy a bra. Think around it long and knotty! Big breasts are cumbersome!

Period problems?

not me

i am smart :)

Do i call for a pelvic exam?

Not me (yet), but I necessitate some!

what is it?

I don't, and besides the post-mastectomy re-enactment they did on my step-mom, I single know one other woman who have them.

When do you know when you hold to conveyance your tampon?

I don't & citizens ponder I hold them. I would similar to to catch rid of my breasts! They're a anguish surrounded by the to find a appropriate bra!

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