Why didn't my tubal ligation work?

I conceived a child four weeks after a tubal ligation contained by which the tubes be severed. I am 34 years elderly and mother of 3.

What is this?

Tubal ligation is a form of birth control (obviously u know that) but the dr clamps past its sell-by date the tubes the ovaries still exsist & when the eggs release theyre microscopic so they can squeeze through anything. Unless you enjoy a hysterectomy you still enjoy some unsystematic to get hold of pregnant. When the dr clamps your tubes stale they're not totally hermetic past its sell-by date so the egg still have a moment or two karma. EX: a clothespin clamped on a purse of chips = its not totally hermetically sealed bad from nouns but mosly.seal it... Hopefully it wasnt a ectopic pregnancy (happens offen when someone get pregnant after a tubal ligation.) At tiniest your proficient to hold kids...Good luck!!

How do i??

My guess is that the doctor merely tied the tubes and did not cut and cauterize, which would enjoy be the preferred method.

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