What medicine do you recommend for osteoporosis?

For a woman 50 years outdated?

Question for women merely I hold a genuine sound out Im concerned!?


Period Question.?

this is a specific request for information, and depends on how your osteoporosis is. the best solution will be given by your Dr.. i can inform you what i embezzle, but for you,
this can be approaching water
here is a trial call densitometry, that measures the standard of your spinal and pelvis bones. according to this, is the medication you receive,

Girls out in attendance, im 17 but one and only 5'8", is that too short?

You can prevent osteoporosis only just have suitable diet. Sources of calcium such as Milk, banana are recommend for prevention. Hormonal reposition is required contained by somes cases. Ask your doctor roughly speaking the treatment.


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