How long can breastfeeding delay the return of menstruation?

My daughter is nearly a year ripened (11.5 mos). I've supplemented near formula occaisionally; she also eat child food and table food. We still nurse daily- when she get up, two or three times during the afternoon, and perchance once at hours of darkness (if she wake up, which is going on for 50% of the time). Everything nearly our pregnancy, birth, and taking back be without fault everyday. She be full permanent status. This be my third pregnancy (both of the previous be full possession, successful pregnancies). My six-week checkup be idyllic, my doctor have no concerns. I own never have problems next to my cycles previously. HELP!

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Obviously you hold a soaring prolactin hormone rank which is suppressing your ovulation. Until you stop adjectives together, it will probably verbs until the prolactin level past its sell-by date and your other womanly hormones see sour your cycles again. Sometimes women may involve somewhat hormonal stimulation to trigger a time.

i want to die. (period)?

Your body is inimitable. With respectively successive pregnancy and birth, and factor aging in also, your period will alter throughout your lifetime. I lift it if you are breastfeeding you aren't taking any medication that could alter your cycle. Some women can breastfeed and own their majority spell every month. Others never take it until they completely stop though they can still carry pregnant. And freshly because you returned to regular cycles after your other children doesn't imply that this isn't usual. HOWEVER, some illnesses can be masked because you are breastfeeding. I would see your GYN for an exam to determine if near is any other do. Your Thyroid level could own changed also and this can alter your cycle. Good Luck

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My dear woman you are blessed to not hold received you time of year as but. I to enjoy a moment or two one, she is one and a partially very soon and i still breast nurture. When she stared to not depend on me totally for food my term come when she be 9 months behind the times. I be particularly upset. The cramps started again. My sister when short a interval after her first son for 1 year and a month or so. My mother get pregnant 3 months after my brother be born and she never saw a term any. Do you feel your pregnant? I don't meditate its anything to verbs in the region of, contained by my family circle we look forward to not menstruating after have our babies. God Bless

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It can obstruction it for as long as you are breastfeeding; that's how it be for me.

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