A silly question?

can doctors see what you did the dark back if you pinch your urine to be tested?

When I urinate why does it?

they individual find specific things that they are looking for. its not approaching when the results come hindmost it say very well let see looks close to suzy go out to the pub get drunk smoked some pot afterwards have a one hours of darkness stand! it dosent work that agency. they are usually conducting tests for a persuaded entry! hope this help.

Period questiongirls singular please!?

Drug astute...
Yes, greatly possible..

What happen right back your first extent ever?

that depends. if you have unprotected sex, yes..f you drank or did drugs, yes... but if you are referring to sex, and it WAS protected, which i hope it be, consequently most lkely no

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If its a regular urinalisis afterwards they will not find anything grotesque. If they choose to do a microscopic examination next they could find sperm but not drugs and other stuff. Drugs are found one and only beside specific test. That desires to be sent to the lab and specified back paw.

i freshly hold uterus removel opretion?want know abt this report?

Urine is the byproduct of anything you own put into your body...that`s why if you did drugs (alcohol, cigs, cocaine, etc) next yes it would be within your urine...even if you hold since excreted some of it, your system will verbs to flush out things for a longer interval of time than lately a time.

If you are concerned give or take a few ratification a drug interview knowing you did drugs the dark earlier...resourcefully they can probably see it

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The lone silly quest is the one that isn't asked.

Ideally, you cleanse your vulva near a wipe past you commence to urinate for that collection. That path, no, a doctor commonly can't see any signs of any type of sexual distraction contained by your urine. If you suffered a small break, nearby might be a bit of blood surrounded by your urine, but that would be as individual cell and not detectable to the bare eye. The same is true, by the agency, if you own your time of year, even if you are using a tampon.

If you've have a pelvic exam, though, and contained by expert if you're have a pap smear, you do inevitability to abstain for a hours of daylight or two up to that time that exam.

what can i do to lose this extra cargo i own gain?

Only the drugs or food that are contained by your system.

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