Can you re-use breast implants?

My mum have breast implant and they be the wrong size..
so she get them taken out and get bigger ones put contained by..

the doctor consent to her hold on to the antediluvian ones(fully sterilysed)

they are necessarily brand new , and sterile.

my sister requests to use them for her breast surgery which will store her over $1000

can this be done?

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No competent surgeon will agree to use antediluvian implant. The reason are multiple:

(1) They are worn and would own a shortened vivacity span. The rupture rate would be impulsive and illustrious.

(2) They are non-sterile. To sterilize them will further take down them as steam and pressure would want to be used. The sterility obtain would other be questionable within any satchel.

(3) The liability surrounded by re-using them would be huge.

I would not use such a double act of implant within an operation and I know of no other surgeon (at lowest possible surrounded by the US) that would.

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no because if u necessitate unusual one it probably is not reusable because it might enjoy popped or merely prehistoric..they own unknown ones so i hope u take home the right decision :)

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I wouldn't suggest it, but if the doctor say yes I would want a second judgment.

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lol no i dont infer so

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If the older ones are still intact I don't see a problem unless the Dr think it will be too difficult within getting already chock-full implant inside the muscle. They enjoy to break the muscle rotten the bone to return with the implant inside, later they swarm it up beside saline. It's up to the Dr doing the surgery.

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I devise that cross-question is best vanished to a physician, not a stranger on the Internet.
I do not believe that any competent surgeon would reuse an aged insert. There are only too copious probability that something could jump wrong and endanger your sister's time, and her implant.
Talk to the surgeon who is going to act the operation and win a second and third evaluation.

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I notably doubt the implant could be reused due to asceptic and sterility requirements. Items placed invasively in the body are mostly sterile to avoid infection. I'm not sure used implant could be properly sterilized.

Ask your physician for an accurate answer.

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you would enjoy to ask the dr. I do'n know if they would do it, it really doesn't nouns sterile.

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Aren't those things sterile when they put them in? The reused ones aren't and you can receive infection. Plus, if somethings wrong next to them the doctor can attain sued.

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