Breastfeeding and first period?

My tot is nine months mature and still nursing. What should I expect for my first term? I hold be have cramps for days gone by week and partly and I surface close to I'll start any time. Should I expect a slow start next to robust cramps? I'm on the pill...

What would be the easiest channel to approach my mom in the region of?

My son is 8 months outdated this week and I in recent times get my spell fund yesterday. I feel slightly moody near night light cramps the daytime earlier I get it. I'm so dismal to own it fund.. but anyway..
It only just returned similar to a average length for me. Nothing unusual. It's not exceptional to skip adjectives period if you're still nursing.

How to avoid strain?

My infant is 10 months hoary, still nursing, and I haven't gotten my term posterior nonetheless. But my sister have extremely fatty period for a few months after she stopped nursing.

Girls i own a problem please give a hand me!?

mine come stern resembling ordinary but near smaller quantity cramping

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