Can Cervical Cancer/HPV affect the ability to get pregnant?

Is it possible to get hold of it at an untimely age such as 16?

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my aunt have that and get pregnant, but she have a thorny time getting pregnant. they enjoy a boy, my cousin Zack

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If you own sex you can capture HPV - even the first time, and that can engender you sterile.
Cervical cancer - they have to remove everything from my mother but one ovary, so she could not own any more children and she looked-for three more.

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I hold cervical cancer, and I am still competent to enjoy children and should be faultlessly fine when it comes time to resolve to enjoy children. As long as you skulk untill you are fully heal previously you try, you should be fine also. The lone road you wouldnt know how to enjoy kids is if you have your cervix removed.

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Yes, you can catch it even if you are a babe-in-arms.
Yes, it will affect the potential to obtain pregnant.
If you can, grasp vaccinate, both vaccination.
if you already enjoy it, bear 3 neem fern or yelp capsule per day
1 to 3 milk thistle capsule per day
1 turmeric per day
and treat externally near neem grease, thuja, and black walnut tincture.

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God, at hand are so masses idiots on here! Cervical cancer is preventable. If you bring hpv, and as a result you enjoy an anomalous pap smear, you consequently enjoy option: depending on the severity of your cervical cell change, your doctor might freshly want to enjoy you acquire more frequent pap smears and hold on to an eye on you, or she might want you to grasp treated, to remove the phenomenal cell. If you are responsible, obtain pap smears, treatment if essential, and run attention of your strength, the accidental that you will develop cervical cancer if you've contracted hpv is impressively slim. I awfully much doubt that you can draw from cervical cancer when you're 16. It's a slow-developing disease.

Having HPV will not affect your skill to catch pregnant within the slightest. The American Social Health Association have a well brought-up website to look at if you want to revise more nearly HPV:

Also, Planned Parenthood's website:

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