My fingers r changing shape & very painful since my miscarriage. doc says not arthritis any ideas what it is?


Is nearby anything wrong beside me?

Mine be thoroughly stiff after miscarriage and my subsequent two children, though not prickly. They be also swollen.

I can't explain why though save for pregnancy does adjectives sorts of strange things to your body.

Your quill will start to leak out subsequent by the path, sorry.

Sorry to hear roughly your miscarriage, hope you achieve powerfully soon and apposite luck for any adjectives pregnancies. xxx

what is wrong? serious answers please!?

Do you crack your fingers alot? That could be why.

PMS/PMT depression?

You don't speak enunciate what sort of doctor told you this. Try a different doctor, conceivably a rheumatologist.

Have you ever taken a vit B 12 shot>? If so why?

i would carry a second evaluation! how long own this be going on for?? rationale it usually don't come to pass overnight.

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