I want to be slim, but I also want to avoid osteoporosis for as long as possible. Any help?

I'm a youngster, and I don't dream up osteoporosis is contained by my kinfolk (is it inherent?). If at hand are solid things to chomp through or exercises or stuff that can serve avoid bone harm, please convey! Oh, and I own a disc bulge, which finances I can't run on treadmills and stuff, but I can still do bicycling and ellipticals and such.

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Very assured,

1) Make sure you're getting tolerable Calcium and Vitamin D

Teenagers should be getting 1300 mg of Calcium (for example, 1 cup or 250 mL of milk have 300 mg of calcium) surrounded by directive to assistance build strong thriving bones.

At lowest possible 400 IU of Vitamin D (can grasp it through pill form but milk usually have Vit D added to it, its also found surrounded by liver and eggs). Vitamin D help near absorbing calcium.

2) Excercise (here are some examples of mass good posture exercise that strengthens bone: baseball, basketball, dancing
pen hockey,frisbee, gymnastics, hiking, hopscotch, jump rope, karate, push-ups, running). Cycling and swimming don't involve impact and don't strengthen bones.

3) Quit smoking if you do.

4) Limit your alcohol. If you drink alcohol, you should not drink more than two alcoholic beverages or drinks per morning.

5) Avoid excess caffeine.

Hope that help!


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well you look pretty as it is and you don't nead to work out you don't look discouraging you don't even look similar to you enjoy a disc bulge

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drink lots of milk. studies show that if you find satisfactory milk when you're a teen and your body still absorbers calcium really at full tilt, it's noteworthy to guzzle adequate foods next to calcium.

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Yoga practice (once indian traditional method) is better for ur desire... plz do it and any more u want to knwo plz contact to me or call in our pattern page.. www. vivekananda yogapeedom.org

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Make sure you solidity train. You can't run or anything which help increase bone strength but you can markedly substance train! Make sure you consult your doctor since you start any immensity training program, he/she can advocate you best on what exercise to avoid because of your disc bulge.

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