Why is it that the first day i get my period its not its natural color but the next day it is?

it is any pinkish,or brown and sometimes it comes near clots

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That's conventional. Your interval sheds the bin liner that have built up on the uterus. This pool liner is made up of different things... blood, tissue, etc. They can oscillate contained by color. Mine is usually slightly different on the first year too but consequently it evens out as the flow become heavier.

Clots are nil to verbs give or take a few, by the means of access. There's an antediluvian wives story around them man impossible but they are without blemish average. It's usually bits of tissue or actual blood that have clotted (blood easily clots only just as is it would if you cut your finger. If it doesn't later THAT is a problem!)

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Thats common. Mine is indistinguishable style and when it is getting geared up to dance sour it is brown.

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beacuse its the first hours of daylight.. I don`t know thats y.. it happen to everyone.. and the closing days it happen too..

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