Will i beable to drive after a tubal ligation ?


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HELL NO. I hold given natrual birth to 3 kids. Walked around right after, did really very well. BUT after tubal ligation, I could scarcely carry around, couldnt sit up straight, horrible throbbing for at least possible a few days. Youre gonna enjoy to enjoy someone drive you home, no grill.

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Not for several days. When I have mine I tried to acquire my Dr to consent to me progress hindmost to work after 1 time and he said no bearing. After surgery I know why! I be surrounded by plentifully of twinge for the first 2 days. Then it get better and better. But man I wasn't expecting it to be so unpromising. Best wishes to ya.

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If you didn't know how to drive back, you won't know how afterwards. Take some driving course.

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