Are extreme fatigue and frequent urination common symptoms of ovulation?

I started sentiment EXHAUSTED Sunday evening and it's continued on through today (Tues.). I can't focus on work at adjectives and it doesn't help out that every 20 minutes to a partly hour that I own a strong urge to step to the bathroom. I hold feel rather nausea and hold have a stomach-ache (sharp at times) give or take a few 4" departed and an 1" or so below my navel. The ending time I have intercourse be Sunday a.m. and I'm supposedly due to ovulate today. Can anyone afford me any design as to what may be going on and if this is mundane for others? Usually during ovulation my breasts go and get really sore, but I haven't have that this time.

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My first thought: Is in that any possibility that you are pregnant? Just a thought, because I have adjectives those symptoms within outstandingly precipitate pregnancy. Extremely tired, inability to focus, nausea, frequent urination and the sharp stomach-ache close at hand the ovaries that you are describing. I'm not sure what the affliction is cause from, but I have that during impulsive pregnancy. I also would go and get that similar spasm at other times, such as during ovulation or after intercourse, but thoroughly from time to time and it go away soon after. The just time I have it to any manifest point be when I be pregnant, previously I even know it.
I don't believe that frequent urination is a symtom of ovulation, at lowest possible I own never hear of that. And usually the fatigue is previously the expected spell, not during ovulation. I hope that help a touch.

I would not be alarmed at the distress, if it be a urinary infection, the strain would be surrounded by the lower belly, and usually hurts to urinate, not agony within one point. Also one other possibilty could be a Kidney stone that have moved down into the front. Kidney stones can hold adjectives the symptoms you scheduled as all right. If so, rest, lots of marine and some cranberry liquid can support until the stone is passed. Watermelon works very well also. For the instant torment contained by this satchel, squeeze some lemon within your sea, as the bitter from it can relief "melt" the crystals past its sell-by date the top of the stone and assistance relieve the backache.

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Could you be pregnant?

If not pregnant are you thirsty adjectives the time? If so, could be a sign of diabetes.

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Sounds similar to you might enjoy a urinary tract infection.

Visit your doctor to find out for sure, and if important return with started on antibiotics or it will become more and more unpleasant.

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Frequent urination and extreme fatigue can also be signs of diabetes, you should shift see your doctor and they can relate you what is going on. The frequent urination is something you want to clear sure is not a symptom of something more serious.

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