Has anyone been put to sleep for a surgery before?

I am getting a tubal on Tuesday of subsequent week and they are going to put me beneath. I am for a time jumpy because I hold never be put to sleep back. Could someone please update me what it is approaching? I enjoy hear that general public sometimes still discern the doctors performing the surgery even though they are asleep. Is this true? Should I be anxious?

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The first time I be put to sleep be when I also have a tubal. I be worried to destruction. They give me something through my IV to relax me, it feel so devout I didn't want to jump to sleep! Everything be fine, I've have to be put to sleep since afterwards and don't hold a problem next to it at adjectives.

Good luck to you!

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It adjectives depends how far they put you lower than. I have my tonsils removed when i be 18, they give me a hypodermic, and the subsequent point you know I'm wake up surrounded by the seizure room.

I also have my sense teeth removed, but they didnt put me adjectives the process lower than, its what they nickname twilight. I remember them ripping my teeth out, but couldnt be aware of a article. I thought I be dreaming.

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i be newly put to sllep ye sturday for a D&C and when i woke up i didn't even know I have be put to sleep even so and you basically perceive a bit drowsy when you get up up, but some folks are different it depends on how your body react beside the anesthetic, i know of some family who are sick beside vomitting afterwards you don't truly know until you procure it done once.Good luck

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Nothing to be worried of. If they put you beneath using a standard anesthetic, you'll drift bad to sleep and rouse up within taking back. If they just put you surrounded by a sort of twilight sleep for the procedure, you will be sedated using meds that affect your short permanent status memory such that you won't remember any of it anyway.

If be put underneath both ways during my time and, once I be underneath, explicitly the concluding entity I remembered until I woke up contained by taking back. I never feel anything the doctors be doing.

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They put me on gas when I gain both of my suitability teethe removed. Two different surgeries. It is really zilch. They place the gas cloak on you and later you start to take notably drowsy. Then eventually, lights out. The subsequent point I remember be wake up. It be close to it took a total of 30 second. I didn't have a feeling anything. And be incredibly street lamp head when I woke up. I have to be driven home because of the gas still within my system. The lone stomach-ache that should come to pass is post surgery distress. That is why the hospital will issue stomach-ache pills after surgery. If you quality the anguish, is because the doctor did not impart you satisfactory sedative. Ask for the gas if they bequeath you an picking. You won't be aware of a entry. Take keeping and dutiful luck on your surgery!

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anesthesiologist are great. they enjoy virtuous knowhow on putting race to sleep. so u dont hav to verbs bout it.. they will put u to sleep and rouse u up after the surgery. My aunt and cousins are anesthesiologist. =) and ppol love how they treat them. =)

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I hold be in attendance twice. It is fun to see a group around you concentrating on you. I be speaking beside them. I enjoy it

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I assume you are undergo a laparoscopy near broad anesthesia and not freshly twilight? General anethesia is especially secure for the most part of the pack, but it's celebrated to hold the pre-op coversation near your anesthesiologist to progress over your robustness details, address any question or concerns you may hold and for them to move about over the procedure details beside you. In some cases, folks enjoy experienced nausea and/or vomiting after standard anesthesia, headache, throat distress from the tube, and other side effects. They are adjectives and not necessarily raison d`¨ētre for concern, but do hang on to your doctor appraised of such side effects. There is a right instruction manual located here http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/erc... [go to files > knees guide; you must register to access it but it's free and quick] which can sustain you know the procedure and distribute you some tips for medicinal and coping afterwards. Good luck.


I've be "put under" more or less 4 times. Its no big concord. They wil start an IV, probley flush it and present you somthing to restful you, consequently just about 5 min up to that time they hold you backbone they provide you the anathesia, they told me to count backwards from 10 and I be out until that time 5. The subsequent entity I know I be wake up within rescue. Piece of cake. Don't verbs, you'll be fine!

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I be put to sleep for a muzzle surgery, once the anesthesiologist did his deed, my doctor asked me to count to ten.... I begin counting and he be in attendance whisper "unruffled down, sleep"... the subsequent article I remember is when he, touching my arm said... "We're done, everything be spotless!!" and I feel asleep again.... You don't quality a point, don't verbs, it's even fun!

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I have my tradition teeth removed and I received laughing gas prior to the procedure and consequently common anesthesia. I recommend that you communicate beside your anesthesiologist & doctor in the order of any question or concerns. Once you are put beneath you shouldn't consistency anything but I did enjoy a easier said than done time wake up afterwards.

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no don't be worried.at hand is nil to it

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I work contained by the operating room so i can honestly describe you that as long as you hold a worthy doctor that you trust you will be okay. you wont grain a article. you most possible wont remember anything any. you will rouse up and be tired and groggy from the anesthesia and a I don`t know for a moment sore but thats more or less it. if you are have doubts possibly you should do some surroundings on the doctor or perchance appointment or dance to see the doctor specifically doing your surgery. he will sit down near you and discuss your concerns and agree to you know what to expect. righteous luck

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