What causes fatigue and nausea?

I hold a disease call polycystic ovarian syndrome, I also hold metabolic syndrome x and I'm insulin resistant. I pinch glucophage, aldactone, HCTZ, prozac,and yasmin(birth control), I'm on flagyl right immediately for an infection, and also I took a glorious dose of cipro 2 days ago(to exterminate any microbes I might own for self exposed to Bacterial Meningitis) I hold be nauseated and extremely tired for three weeks in a minute and I can't amount out why? I've be put on FMLA because I miss so much work beacuse of my side effects from the PCOS. Now i'm throwing up adjectives the time and I can't function beacuse I'm exhausted no event how little or how much sleep I get hold of! I'm going to lose my mind!! My menstrual cycle is coming to a close again so I hold Horrible bleeding,excruciating cramping and burning sensations, and unexplained rectal and put money on cramp to look forward to! I get to a specialist within motorcade for my gynecological problems, but this fresh crap is my foremost focus presently! Also I'm not pregnant I took a theory test t


Cipro can trade name you extremely fatigued and nauseated. I work within nursing so i see this adjectives the time. Because it is such a lofty dose, it works for the infection, but it also is thorny on the parts of the body that are not infected. You may want to speak to your doctor roughly prednizone it is elevated powered, but it get the available job done! Hope this help!

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