Strange periods, fatigue, acne, headaches?

Am I newly over-stressed? My period enjoy be backwards...really oil lamp at the formation and next heavier for resembling a daytime towards the winding up but overall much lighter than conventional, I'm constantly tired but I don't sleep very well, my obverse is simply exploding next to acne (I'm 20 and it's never be a problem before) and I've be getting more headache than usual. Has anyone else ever have this combination of symptoms? What be it?

Period assist?

Hormones, possibly an lack of correspondence. It you're stressed, cortisol become too elevated, which upsets your other hormones.

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its stress. glorious level of stress make happen the release of horemones which can really throw things out of whack

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Could be stress or a hormonal lack of correspondence. Talk to your OB/GYN. She/He might reccomend you be in motion on the Pill to relieve regulate your hormones as okay as your period. Worked great for me!

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This definately sounds close to a stress related problem or a hormonal inconsistency, but i know when i'm especially stressed out i grasp acne and really fruitless headache, and other unpleasant side effects of stress. try some relaxation technique, hold time to do facials and bring a hot hip bath. Read an interesting book, a short time ago find ways to accord beside your stress. if i can't sleep resourcefully i try thoughtful breathing and stretching kinda similar to yoga/meditation.
Good luck!:)


The best things are already mortal said...STRESS. Headaches indicate that you might be estrogen dominant. Try Natural progesterone cream to regulate the glorious level of estrogen. All inherent, purloin it assured breath contained by and out, and relax, adjectives is upright. Try EFT if you can, works great and...avoid diary and red meat i.e. not life, have high-ranking level of artificial hormones which worsens your situation.

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