I think i have fibroids does being gassey have anything to do with that and my uterus is enlarged?

i enjoy pay for cramp, lower abdominal agony and i'm exceedingly bloated. Looks similar to i'm 4mos. pregnant. I am extraordinarily tired alot and grain full adjectives the time and hefty.

periods, support?

Fibroids won't generate you gassy. There are any number of cause that can create the symptoms you describe. I know you want a definitive answer, but the TRUE answer is... acquire a doctor's inference!

can stress incentive suspension of menstration?

gas doesnt come from your uterus,, it comes from your intestines.... but if you are not intake in good health and not getting adequate fruits, veggies, fiber and fluid.. you can be constipated and it will manufacture any other condition down in attendance more scratchy if your uterus is enflamed and swollen already...
I myself dont own fibroids, but I hold tight period and swelling during my cycle, my gyno other make me steal fiber drinks and munch through more fiberous stuff during that week.. "plenty of oatmeal next to raisens".. lol..

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