Am i pregnant?

im kinda worried. i dont know if im pregnant or not. i have my length finishing january 13 (last daytime be january 18). i have some spotting second feb 7 & feb 8. i be expecting that my extent will be on feb 13 or 14. but it come one week impulsive. i haven't have any urine question paper but. do you reflect on im pregnant?

Yeast Infection?

If you have spotting I dont devise your pregnant! Also our cycles can be thrown bad by stress, exercise and even foods.. You freshly hold an irregular term, most of us do! To be 100 percent sure and product yourself get the impression better grasp an at home pregnancy testing! Good luck.. And create sure your other not dangerous so within is no stipulation to verbs.. Get on the pill too might not be a impossible impression.. I dont know your age but if your young at heart you can be on the pill for irregular period and no on would no if you be person involved!

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why would you dream up you are pregnant when you get your interval? ask your doctor...none of will know how to bring up to date you.

has anyone have any side effects beside metformin?

i preference!

Girls solitary please?

to start beside, most of the citizens on this site are not doctors and can't transmit you if you are pregnant in need seeing or examining you.
ring up your doctor, build an appt, acquire a blood assessment done to receive sure. if you dont want to be in motion through that, capture an EPT and filch it at home. but your best bet is to see a doctor.
most of the time, have a time of year impulsive is not a sign of pregnancy.


i dont infer you are because you said you enjoy have for a moment bit of a term. but the simply item i can suggest which would be the most sensible item to do would be to do a pregancy theory test or achieve one done. this will really put your mind at rest. apposite luck and i hope this help xxx


I acn't update u if your pregnant or not but if ur term come sooner it's everyday it have happen to me too. But to form sure if u are or not u should receive a pregnancy audition done.

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You may be pregnant! do pregnancy experiment please

Does anyone hold desperate mood swings and devise its from the depo--provera shot?

the best track to know is to capture a home pregnancy interview.

but some ladies enjoy irregular period.

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