Is it possible to take too much Cramp Bark (Viburnum opulus) or Ginger Root?

I’m asking because I’m taking this stuff call OOna 2 pms Herbal Supplement, to aid my menstrual cramps. My menstrual cramps are so desperate though I construe I’ve gone over the 24 hour recommended does. It works, I only call for profoundly of it.
It say it have Cramp Bark Extract 5mg (verbenalin alkaloid 400mcg) per pill
It also have Ginger 75mg (gingerals, 3.75 mg) per pill
So far until very soon I took as directed. I took one surrounded by the morning and one in the evening for 3 days beforehand menstruation. Yesterday be my first year and I took 3 pills 4 times that year and done at 9:45pm. I woke up from my cramps and my Mom departing, and feel distress so I instantly took another 3 pills at 4:30am. The directions read out not to rob more consequently 12 a morning, I assumed they expected not to appropriate more afterwards 12 surrounded by a 24/hour time length. Oh and I took Raspberry Extract for 5 days formerly menstruation, and stopped taking the Raspberry Extract the time of my time of year.
I hold also taken Chamomile, Sassafras, and Solomon’s Seal within the form of Tea and that backing preserve it down to the point where on earth I be in good spirits at. Though by bed time I have run out. I took 600mg of ibuprofen at 9am yesterday, and 400mg of ibuprofen at 9pm yesterday. If my cramps receive too discouraging again using a moment ago the OOna medicinal medication next I might steal another 400mg of ibuprofen, but I am trying to stay away from regular drug, but I run out of my TEA! The anguish is coming final! PLEASE Help!

Questions roughly speaking OB/GYN?

High doses of Ginger root can organize to stomach ulcer, and it is possible to overdose on considerable quantity. It can depress the interior bashful system and explanation heart irregularlities. And it's perilous to transport Ginger root beside blood thinners...which at massive amounts could include ibuprophen. Ibuprophen is not really a blood thinner, but it have some of duplicate merits.

It sounds to me similar to you should aim medical attention. Have you found the lead to of have such severe backache during your period? There are medication out in attendance that can lend a hand aleve menstrual symptoms, such birth controll pills.

And FYI...sometimes it seem to net sense to give somebody a lift supplements a bit than man made medication, but taking so lots can intefere next to your body's system as a in one piece...can raison d`être only as severe side effects...and can interact frequently next to other medication or foods.

If you prefer supplements to prescription medication, it's still learned to aim the assistance of a professional medical doctor. Just telephone call around and find one who have experience recommend herbal supplements. They will usually be capable of put in the picture you if a untaught remedy is in reality more beneficial than a prescription medication.

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