I am a cervical cancer survivor of 2 years. caught from hpv from my husband. can i catch hpv again?


Weird put somebody through the mill, but since my term, is it middle-of-the-road to have a feeling "air" going away my body down within?

-I have need of to know plentiful things from you to answer your question. Since getting your answer and consequently replying is impracticable I hand over you the different possibilities. If you are a stage I and II cervical cancer survivor your may not lock in HPV again. You should hold undergone adjectives types of treatment Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy and the Oncologist should own declared you fit for sexual hustle and bustle and you also should be surrounded by a position to enjoy it.

Secondly what is the position of HPV of your Husband. What steps be taken to cure his problem.Unless his HPV is completely cured it is not advisable to resume sexual events beside him, the it is concrete you will obtain the wart again.

Please consult your oncologist fully and achievement as per his advocate taking adjectives precautions as CANCER IS STILL AN ENIGMA-.

I am due to hold my IUD out today?

I do not know this answer, i am sorry I dont know and sorry you have cervical cancer. But so jovial you are a survivor for 2 years immediately! My prayers to you that it does not come put a bet on!

Do you know how you get hpv contained by the first place? I hold be audible range alot in the region of this on commericals, but know nil roughly it at adjectives.

Dr. appointment (Physical)?

Did they speak about you that hpv is a virus and uncurable= that is to say the ending I heard= so- if you get it from your hubby did he carry treated- and be cervix removed= I would have a sneaking suspicion that you walk to gain rechecked annually-=ask md to be sure=D

Can you relate me what adjectives the color pills be determined contained by my bith control pack?

Yes here are abundant strains of HPV. They own numbers for respectively strain. There is a exotic vaccine for children that will prevent the four most adjectives strains (which tale for more or less 85% of HPV). They read aloud the vaccine is newly for girls but I talk to my doctor & found out boys could return with it too, and it would prevent most HPV infection's, which are what organize to cervical cancer. It would also prevent the boys from getting genital wart. But so far they lone want girls to achieve the vaccine. Hmm, is that because merely women seize cervical cancer? I meditate we involve to include this vaccine in the regular shots that adjectives kids attain.

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