Question about breast implants and device tracking?

I am have breast expansion surgery and I notice the following sentence in the disclosure: All breast implant are subject to device tracking as mandate by federal regulation. What does that denote exactly?

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Device tracking is something the FDA uses in conjunction beside medical industry that provide the public next to prosthesis and implant of adjectives kind, not a short time ago of the breast. It involves "tracking numbers" which are given to respectively device. Also, personal information just about who the devices are used on is kept within a database by the FDA, so that the can hang on to track of trends involving who is using the implant, who is getting them removed and why, and who is have complaints. If a pernickety product get closely of complaints, the FDA will step in and cart conduct. It is most useful pertaining to silicone implant and other smaller amount agreed implantation objects such as teh current "Gummy Bear" implant. Close tracking of clinical study push in used is required for the FDA to variety decision which protect the public.

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I'm not sure, but conceivably it process that if here is a call in, they can contact you w/ any issues going on for their product? I really don't know, as I have surgery a few years rear and don't remember that .... I guess they don't comfort in the region of mine!! ha ha...

Ok this may be chance?

It is so if you turn out to be a spy, CTU can locate you by satellite and Jack Bauer can hunt you down.

Seriously, I don't know for sure but I'm thinking that near are serial numbers on the implant that will be associated near your medical collection and tracked by the entrepreneur so contained by the event they are ever recall they can notify you!

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Each twosome of implant have their own serial number on them and they are registered to you and you lone. So they could in actual fact use this to identify your body if they ever have need of to! LOL

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