How can we end aids?

virul diseas

After have an abortion how do you know if your internally bleeding?

1. Get married past you own sex

2. Get tested up to that time you attain married.

3. Don't use IV street drugs, and never ever share needles if you do.

4. Use gloves and protective equipment to verbs up any body fluid spills.

5. Educate yourself on how AIDS is spread.

6. Kudos to you for a moral grill. Keep it up.

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Through better teaching, sexual restraint, and better values.

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Similar put somebody through the mill be asked when small pox evolved and in a minute it is 100% eradicated from the world. Wait time would come when we would be capable of cure AIDS completely individual piece already 27 years enjoy elasped and we do not know still for how various years we would own to budge through this hired gun disease.

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better coaching

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AIDS can closing through AWARENESS ...
awareness roughly the miscellaneous cause for aids...n prevention

it can occur solely if this is qualified frm university going children to adults in a positive carriage...

is its done for fun...thn it may never ensue!

I entail to know?

EDUCATING Peoples and making them aware on how to avoid it.

Female Ejaculation? Adults single.?

by sex control and avoid blood spred

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