I just found out I have uterine fibroids, are there any types of other ways to get rid of them besides surgery


Rectal bleeding?

yes within are copious ways ...merely u own to do is consult ur doctor and ask them other style besides surgery but i regard thats the best course to do it ,,,anyway i found angelic website here www.doctorsinfoweb.com/doctors... check the site and adjectives the specialist will donate you the best answer for ur ask ..you will swot more and carry rid of ur worries ...God Bless!

Question for women! RE: bleeding?

A picky brand of Vita-E have be forceful surrounded by ridding the body of uterine fibroids. One individual took 6 per year for three weeks. When re-examined, the tumors be practically gone. The doctor told her that this brand be the especially best.

Hope this is adjectives and consistency free to contact me beside question.

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