Tampons versus pads... which is better?

I own worn pad and they are freshly so discomfited. But i dont know much more or less tampons. Which do you chew over is better for a pubescent, tampons or pad?

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Both. Tampons during the sunshine (change them every 3 hours or sooner) and pad at dark. If you wear like tampon for a long time, you will increase your probability of getting toxic shock syndrome. There are pad that own "wings" that will minimize leaching at dark.

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tampons, you don't even know they are in that.

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tampons for daytime and pad at hours of darkness.


ok all right tampons will prob hurt more by the mode this is a girl im in recent times using my bros i use pad but u enjoy 2 catch usesed 2 it!!
hope that help ~Jessie:}

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i hear tampons are better because it can hold your attention the dribble....it also depends on competence

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tampons! pad are gross


i prefer tampons over pad so much because you dont sense they are near and you can do everyday activites easier

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I definitly prefer tampons. I used pad for a while because I be terrified to use tampons, but I am SO glad I tried them. Tampons are adjectives I wear presently, except to bed. They are so much cleaner/fresher, and I grain approaching I can do deeply more near them next pad, and I don't hold to verbs nearly leak! Just variety sure you fine-tuning them regularly so you don't capture an infection. and sort sure the first time you use them, you are relaxed, and don't force it within. I use tampax pearl, these are the most comfortable for me. Make sure you use a plastic applicator, they are deeply easier to gain within. You may want to try starting near the lowest absorbency, until you receive used to them :) Goodluck.

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they are great ..
(thank god for this dazzling creation)

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Tampons is approach more comfortable than wipe... I'm motto this from experiences.

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i intuitively prefer both. when i am running out and roughly i use tampons, but when i am at home i wear pad. most of adjectives i other wear pad to bed to lower the risk of getting tss, which is a dangerous disease cause my tampons.

Girls individual?

which ever your more comfortabel wtih
try tampons and if you dont close to them save beside pads
plus tampons are cleaner

you may be worried more or less tss
but tss is from wearing tampons to big for your flow
if you wear a reg most of the time its fine

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although i don't hold a appropriate cycle i close to tampons better, at first i use jelly ky

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Tampons are comfortable but they are not other safe and sound...that's why adjectives the tampons come beside warning contained by the box. Some citizens die from Toxic Shock Syndrome from germs using tampons. I'm not kid. Please do some research.

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I'm 28 very soon, but I've used tampons since I've first started getting my term. I've solely used pad a handful of times when I didn't enjoy tampons beside me and needed to borrow something from a friend, and I really disgust them.

It's for a moment difficult to attain used to the tampons at first. Since you're a young person, I would say aloud to draw from the smallest size of tampons that are available, and read the instructions thoroughly.

Tampons are undisruptive, and they are severely comfortable (you can't have a feeling them at all) once they are inside the route they should be. Tampons also allow you to be capable of assist within sports and even walk swimming as a rule while you're on your interval. You should check regularly to kind sure you're not bleeding through, and never set off a tampon contained by for more than 8 hours at a time.

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Well, in that's a unshakable age where on earth you cant wear tampons till a age. Pads can be a bit bulky and a bit humiliated. So it depends on you and how you quality beside them. I deduce it be if you are lower than 14 or 15 you cant wear tampons even so.

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My grandmother introduced me to tampons when I be a pubescent and I hold made sure my daughters and granddaughters know just about them. Now days they come contained by trim little applicators and several sizes. You may want to humidify or gel the tip the first few time you insert them. They will not spoil your hymen if you are still a virgin.
They are so comfortable and verbs that you may forget you are even menstruating. That is where on earth you can gain into trouble, so be sure to changeover the tampon as repeatedly as you would a wad. Because the tampon "plugs" your vagina, the discharge stays inside and save removed can start to put down, cause toxins to be re-absorbed into your system. Toxic Shock can produce destruction, but it is smoothly avoided by simply shifting the tampon. A lot of women use pad at darkness and tampons during the daytime. It is a right plan and completely negate any vigour problem.
Whatever you desire, a plain heat river douche after your term is over a nice theory.

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im ten and i dont enjoy my spell even so!!
but i would choose tampons!

e~mail me beside any question!

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Pads because thay second longer than tampons to me!

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