Women and Husbands HELP has this happened to you ??

I own one toddler and am pregnant again, and right at the birth of the pregnancy I found my spine be thinning dramatically. I'm not even 30 but. I be other prepared, even looking forward to going grey but I never expected to lose my quill!!
Has this happen to anyone? It's not genetic, I surmise it's stress or nutrition related.
If this happen to you did it grow posterior eventually when your kids get a touch smaller amount physically demanding? or did you stay balding ??

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My guess is that its to do near hormone change from the pregancy. After my 2 kids my down be falling out all over the place....but it be because the hormones change cause the fuzz follicules to die...but my spine grew pay for. If it get really bleak resembling if u in reality start going shaved...consequently i'd see the doc....otherwise basically keep on till the child is born as it might grow fund

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you should address to a doctor

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after I have my first child I lost seriously of mane, but while your pregnant you produce something that keep you from losing the hackle we typically lose on a day by day cause. but it could be stress. ask at your subsequent Drs appt.

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Stress is definitly a exact of pelt loss or thining. I suggest you find ways to relax as much as you can.

Another influential do for down thining is a thyriod problem. Talk to your doctor. He/she can distribute you blood test to find out if it is your thyroid.

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It's hormones and it will get hold of better after the birth of your subsequent child. Stick w/ the prenatal vitamins and you will spy that your pelt lose will recede and smaller amount. every woman I know who have have a tot have gone thru like item.

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this happen to alot of women during and after pregnancy, it is strictly hormonal and most potential your tresses will grow hindmost. be sure to cart your prenatal vitamins they lend a hand near spike growth.

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