Endometriosis Question..........?

Does anyone know the exact symptoms of endometriosis?? I go to the doctor to catch an ultrasound but I can't be see until the 30th..... My symptoms are lower abdominal cramps and also in the kidney nouns and sometimes cramping in the small intestine...... I know I don't hold an STD so that can't be an remedy, also I have my urine tested and still no answers..........Plzzz Help

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A core symptom of endometriosis is distress, mostly surrounded by the lower tummy, lower wager on, and pelvic nouns. The amount of backache a woman feel is not necessarily related to the extent or stage (1 through 4) of endometriosis. Some women will enjoy little or no stomach-ache despite have extensive endometriosis affecting ample areas or endometriosis near scarring. On the other foot, women may enjoy severe dull pain even though they enjoy one and only a few small areas of endometriosis.

Symptoms of endometriosis can include (but are not constrained to):

Painful, sometimes disabling menstrual cramps (dysmenorrhea); anguish may get hold of worse over time (progressive pain)
Chronic pain (typically lower rear legs anguish and pelvic torment, also abdominal)
Painful intercourse (dyspareunia)
Painful bowel movements or bloody urination (dysuria)
Heavy menstrual period (menorrhagia)
Nausea and vomiting
Premenstrual or intermenstrual spotting (bleeding between periods)
Infertility and subfertility. Endometriosis may head to fallopian tube hold-up. Even in need this, in that may be difficulty conceiving. In some women, subfertility is the sole symptom, and the endometriosis is solitary discovered after fertility investigations.
In extension, women who are diagnosed beside endometriosis may hold gastrointestinal symptoms that may mimic irritable bowel syndrome, as ably as fatigue.

Patients who rupture an endometriotic cyst may present beside an acute belly as a medical emergency. Endometriotic cysts surrounded by the thoracic cavity may create some form of thoracic endometriosis syndrome, most normally catamenial pneumothorax.

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It's not duplicate for every woman. A year in the past I have my right ovary removed for severe endo, I have difficult periods- backache, diarrhea, dreadful headache.

If your kidney hurts, you entail to find evaluated at once. This sounds close to an emergency. Can you afford to dance to an emergency room?

Call your obgyn rear and describe him/her that this is serious.

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There is not an exact set of symptoms, usually here are problems near your period, PAINFUL intercourse, abdominal cramps, more or smaller amount, it adjectives have to do near the lowest part of the pack of your abs, and your period. I dont reckon it sounds resembling endometriosis. Sorry I cant assistance you more.

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Some women who hold endometriosis don't surface anything. But for most, usually severe bleeding during menstrual time of year. I suggest that you lurk what your Dr. vote after your ultrasound. That's the simply track he can speak about you if you hold it, how big it is, it's exact location and your treatments option. In some cases, they own to do a CAT-SCAN after an ultrasound to confirm exact size and location. Usually they do this if the satchel is severe.

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I be diagnosed near endo three years ago. I have severe backache during and after sex, drastically impossible abdominal cramping during the month, and more torment. Everyone, however experience different symptoms. I have several ultrasounds and a laproscopy which certainly allowed my GYN to numeral out what be ailing me. It's weired because I very soon own discomfort surrounded by the kidney nouns on my departed side. I don't own appendicitis and I've be through numerous lab test and they can find zilch. My PCP and GYN recommend I see a nephrologist (kidney dr) to rule out any kidney disease. So that's my subsequent step and you should consider that too.

I also read that the endo tissue can attach itself to other organs and fuse them together. I don't know how adjectives this happen, but it's possible. Definitely give an account your dr ALL of the symptoms you're experiencing. Best wishes and dutiful luck!

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Yes I do know what my symptoms are. I hold be dealing w/ Endo since giant institution. I own really desperate cramps, to the point where on earth I can't take out of bed. They are contained by my belly nouns, kidney areas and some times it even bothers my bladder. I also loose my appetite, and gain greatly intensely nausea when trying to munch through. The solitary time when I have a feeling okay is when my cycle in actuality comes. almost a week in the past and the week after is when the cramps are the worst.

I hope this help.

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