I had a baby 4 months ago and i am breastfeeding i started to have heavy vaginal bleeding is this normal ?

I have a toddler end september, i am breastfeeding and be told by my doctor that i would not receive a menstrual cycle as long as i am breast feed but i started to bleed heavily is this normal

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I do not, nor hold I ever, given birth to a child, so I can not give you first paw experience proposal. However, my sister, my best friend, and my roommate adjectives enjoy have a infant, and I know that adjectives three of them go through equal point. I am a medical arts school student, and contained by my feelings, I would influence its completely average. You can other phone call your doctor and ask. I know it help surrounded by easing the mind.

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as other it is better to see you doctor

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this really isn't an answer but more close to a examine, I've never hear of breastfeeding stopping a spell. Most women don't enjoy a time of year during pregnancy which is the end in for the 6 week spell after-birth. How would you not hold a interval.

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Yes, this is conventional

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I reflect that you should run to an hospital and draw from yourself checked out because I hold never have doomed to failure vaginal bleeding after my son be born except that the first month I have a hugely complicated bleeding . After you give birth did you ever hold a majority time? If not specifically progress acquire checked.

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