Can estrogen in birth control pills cause fibroids?


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There is no conclusive evidence that the pill any help the nouns or prevents fibroids. It can however assistance next to the irregular and/or big bleeding to be precise associated next to uterine fibroids. The birth control pill does NOT contribute to the increase in size of the fibroids already in existence.

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Possibly, theres no definitive studies nonetheless. Its more possible that theyre found more regularly on women who use birth control beacuse they see their doctors and are examined more routinely.

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Birth control pills contain estrogen. Higher level of this hormone may give a hand fibroids to grow, although exactly how this might transpire is not hidden.
Some doctors are concerned that taking birth control pills may end in fibroids to grow. Most birth control pills prescribed today contain low doses of estrogen that are unlikely to serve fibroids grow. However, if a woman who have fibroids starts taking birth control pills, she should see her doctor after three to six months for an nouns to find out whether her fibroids hold grown.

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My grandmother have fibroids and she be never on the pill.

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