If a man sleeps with a woman who has HPV/cervical cancer, does he become a carrier to future partners?

My current bf have an ex gf who have HPV and cervical cancer. She is okay presently, but he is concerned that he is a holder immediately. we havent have sex but, but we are discussion around it. Is this a risk i should be concerned something like?

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Registered Nurse here; Excellent grill; Yes he can be a possessor, and should be tested back you and he hold sex. Reason's individual, beside HIV, close skin to skin contact can spread the virus, doesn't require vaginal access, nor does a condom prevent the spread of the virus. He should dance and bring back checked, and afterwards if positive receive the treatment to hopefully achieve rid of the virus. Not other possible. But you enjoy ask a excellent give somebody the third degree and most predictable benefit whom ever read your give somebody the third degree and my answer. Thanks for the opportunity to address this request for information.

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Yes it is! HPV is a "human" virus not merely a feminine virus. Men can pass it as resourcefully as women. That is how women are infected...by sex partner!! You can both be tested and treated until that time any problems crop up.

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Absolutely. You are taking his word (hers too) that she is cured of everything. You don't know that...and it doesn't issue anyway. He requirements to be see and be tested and examined for HPV....if he doesn't hold it that have intimate relations next to him would be ok...but if it be me, I'd insist on a condom! There are other STDs out in that that are time long that don't show up on a routine exam, if contained by bloom...similar to Genital Herpes!

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He can be tested for HPV, and that could minister to to set his mind at facility. And condoms will help out, too,

I haven't ever though more or less this one. I do know, though, that a man near prostate cancer can't distribute his partner cancer.

Here's a connect to more info on HPV.

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Yes, if a man sleeps next to a woman who have HPV, he will detain it and outdo it on to others even though she and he may not show any symptoms.

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