No Sex Drive - only 22 - please help!?

I've be contained by a relationship for 3 1/2 years very soon, beside someone I really love, and am awfully attracted to. But, over times past 4 years or so, I've notice a exceptionally serious dive within my sexual desire. For a long time, my boyfriend thought it be him and that I wasn't attracted to him - which wasn't the skin because I can consistency the renovation. This redeploy hasn't basically artificial my sex drive, but I also enjoy NO drive or desire for children anymore. I know that may not seem to be close to a big business, because I'm singular 22, but throughout my juvenile years I be sex and toddler crazy.
This have really be screw beside my director, not lone because it use to generate me examine my desire for my boyfriend, but because I no longer surface sexy, and solely really steal thought that I am within reality a women when I'm on my spell. I discern approaching I own NO womenly urges at adjectives.
About 4 months ago, i go to the hospitol and be diagnosed near endometriosis. I've read that it affects sexual desires. Does anyone know if this is true?

Missed Period..please comfort?

I enjoy endometriosis and I am 25. It have not artificial my sexual desires at adjectives. Maybe you should ask your boyfriend to serve you surface more desired and sexy. Since you enjoy be surrounded by a relationship that long sometimes the affection isn't here resembling it used to be. I own be married 3 1/2 years so I know how it is. You might also enjoy a bag of depression. It can brand you consistency matching passageway. Just don't stress out and try to relish energy.

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It can but you obligation to focus on other things besides sex you are solely 22, are you contained by institution, except to be exact where on earth your zest requirements to be used. Stop wasting time trying to consistency sexy.

My length?

talk to your doctor. you may be have a hormonal disparity or a alteration surrounded by hormones. they hold medication that may minister to. don't verbs :-)

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