If you somehow found out that your ob/gyn had an std/HIV how would that change your opinion of him/her?

Asking crazy question today. But you know youve thought of them beforehand :-)

ok brown spotting for days gone by 3 days (gross i know), on pill, have term, no sex contained by four months?

Well, no, I haven't ever thought around this one formerly :-)

I did own an OB/GYN who have an unplanned pregnancy, though! She be frank beside me nearly it, too. That be interesting.

I guess it would really depend, profoundly, on the being, how ably I know him or her, and what I might know more or less the situation.

HIV is adjectives too uncomplicated for medical personnel to carry in need any sexual involvement at adjectives - one screwed up needlestick, and in that you be in motion. And I be involved beside someone who worked contained by a virology lab. Do you own ANY notion how recurrently he have to be tested to spawn sure he hadn't picked something up at work? That be more than a short time nerve-wracking, permit me narrate you! There are FAR more virus going through labs than merely HIV, too!

I've also specified inhabitants who caught STDs because of FALSE spouses, when they undeniably have every foundation to believe that they be contained by monogamous relationships. So I a moment ago wouldn't be too speedy to mediate. You never know when you might be the one who get that helpful of item through categorically NO shortcoming of your own!

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no......but they would not be my doc anymore!!

Breast/bra problems. girlz singular!?

I don't know how you would swot up something resembling that. If you enjoy hear something something like your doctor, it's probably dish the dirt. I'd discount it.

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i own to be truthful and enunciate yes. it would alarm me have him exam me! what if something go wrong? i don't want to bring back it. know if it be only just a friend, consequently no. smaller amount plausible for this kind of accident to transpire.


It wouldn't evolution my feelings of them per se, I'd newly prefer that they wouldn't touch me anymore. I'd desire a unsullied doctor.

i dont know whats taking place ?

no, not at adjectives.
anyone can be indiscreet, carefull and / or protected on the other hand STILL contract an STD. things surface.

as long as i'm not have sex next to my ob/gyn (oral, vaginal or otherwise) later within's no want for me to be concerned next to their SEXUALLY transmitted diseases.

period put somebody through the mill!!?

I'd be more concerned as to why that info be mortal divulged to me. I guess that would trade name me have a sneaking suspicion that smaller quantity of him/her because individual an OB?GYN they should follow their own warning, as you would expect unless they get the std from self raped.

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Yes....it would fashion me not want to see them.

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