What be your symptoms? Did you experience severe headache? Did your headache or hot flashes wake up you up at dark? Did they come to pass single at dark, most of the time, and at alike time (like if it be an alarm)?

what can i do for dizziness?

oh honey headache and hot flashs is a moment ago the origination. i aversion to transmit you this but it could obtain worse. i;m freshly individual honest beside you not trying to verbs you. i enjoy done a great deal of research on menopause and some women own it worse than others, i enjoy it worse though. i'v have 2 or 3 hot flashes surrounded by 1 hour. this go on for a long time, mood swings so bleak i couldn't even stand my ownself much smaller number my familial. it be horrible, i be irratiable adjectives the time never feel suitable, never slept honourable, appetite comes and go. in good health i could turn on and on but, i hope and pray you don't enjoy these symptoms as impossible as i do. i finally started taking the combipatchs twice a week and a quality deeply better. i detested to use hormon dream therapy, but it does make available me some nouns, finishing week i asked my dr. how much longer am i gonna go thru this and his said I don`t know forever. i departed crying that morning. but some women own it a few yrs and others hold it for yrs and yrs and yrs. my sympthay for you. i hope you do alright, filch charge my friend

Shaving comfort?

All of the above! Also, profound memory loss (almost resembling Alzheimers) and unruly mood swings. An estrogen supplement have provided amazing nouns.

Also, for some culture, a soy supplement, such as Estroven or NewPhase, help immensely.

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