Am I the only one who hates my breast implants?

I have breast implant put contained by 2 years ago and I still don't really concern for them. I have them put within because my breasts be severely deflated from nursing 3 children. I'm wondering if they are only just too big or if I call for a heave to be happier. Has anyone out here have them taken out and afterwards have a lift up done? The Dr. needed to product them bigger than I be to because they be so droopy. However, in a minute I basically quality resembling a cow, don't similar to the path I look ever and am miserable! What should I do?! Thank you for your suggestion.

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Cosmetic breast surgery wants to be tailored to the long-suffering's desires. Many surgeons simply place voluminous implant because it is easier and take little time. Lift surgery is more complicated.

Large implant are frequently not the best answer. Really huge implant are almost never look great. Before have more surgery, you may desire to consider what exactly you would similar to to accomplish. Many patients despondent beside ample implant will desire upon smaller ones beside a lift up.

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I abhorrence your breast implant too!

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What the hell do u stipulation those for if u have kids already?

eww..but i obligation lend a hand!?

Dunno.. Got to be aware of em for myself to provide you an honest answer

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stay instinctive, swot to close to flesh intead of platics

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Ummm...Can you post a pic?

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I'm sorry to hear that. My mom get them when I be 15 becasue she be a AAA bra size! And she didn't turn too big so she's cheerful. I would suggest that you rob them out if they don't fashion you thrilled. I know that profusely of the implant are botched and a fruitless doctor can do them extraordinarily scantily.

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as much as i love boobs (and i do) zilch is more sadden that someone who is dejected next to themselves. women capture breast implant to be empower. if you don't resembling them rob them out, you'll enjoy to budge through a surgery but youll be happier for it within the long run. i know this is totally man vista and adjectives, but im a moment ago giving you my perspective.

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show me a picture or e-mail me at

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do what u felll involve to b done

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I haven't have a BA...YET. But if I am downcast for any foundation after I enjoy mine done next I will shift backbone to the PS and ask for a revise. You should be jolly beside your body...and if you are not, next hold the surgeon fix it. You already spent so long mortal low beside your body, don't dally any longer. Good luck beside your result!

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I have mine done almost 2 years ago because I be also deflated from nursing and also small ( an AA cup) I am self-satisfied next to mine. I would enjoy like to travel a short time larger but the doc said he couldn't without risk shift any bigger (I'm a C now) Anyway, I guess I would own to ask if yours are below the muscle? If not i.e. probably the apology for the slumped. My best proposal is to consult another surgeon and descuss your specific concerns beside your breasts and see if he can set aside some direction.

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