I have noticed some changes in my period length, more moody, fatigue and change in time of month?

Im 35 and am wondering whats going on near my body. I've notice these change over the closing several months. What would produce change contained by an otherwise typical lifetime of period?

My parents look at my letters. I am getting a pap smear and i be wondering if i own to hold my results mail?

You could be experiencing peri-menopause. I own several of like peas in a pod symptoms, but my doc can't examination for FSH level because I use the pill. If you're not on hormonal BC, you can win a 2-part question paper call Menocheck that will transmit you if you're experiencing the start of menopause (and NO, it's not too soon...my mother started at 34 and I started at 36).

My stomach hurts..?

It could be that as you are getting elder your body is starting to go and get geared up for menopause. Peri(pre)-menopause is an actuall condition that can result in those change, and is pretty adjectives. If you are concerned, cooperate to your OB-GYN roughly speaking the change that are adjectives and when they started.

Good luck!

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