Is osteoporosis reversible?

is this disease in truth reversible? adjectives i can find is around prevention! :( and does anyone know how long a personality have to appropriate the depo shot formerly it can impose this disease?? i'm merely 29 and my teeth own other be contained by great condition. i lately stopped taking depo a month or so ago and adjectives of a sudden my tooth a moment ago crumbled lastnight!! :( i took depo for 2 years. i'm not axiom it cause it, but i am curious to the indisputable produce??

Anyone have surgery for spinal stenosis? Did it give a hand you?

Ask a doctor.

Why am i ALWAYS so tierd?

Even if you own already suffered a fracture, it's not too overdue to protect yourself from more problems. Here are some steps that can slow or even reverse bone loss and prevent adjectives breaks:

Get your calcium and vitamin D. These two nutrients volunteer powerful protection against fractures. They are found in low-fat dairy products, ominous green leafy vegetables, and fortified juice, breads, and cereal. Studies enjoy also found that each day calcium and vitamin D supplements for relations over 65 can relieve cut the risk of breaking a bone. Experts recommend that men and women grasp more or less 1,000 mg of calcium and 400 IU of vitamin D per daytime. After menopause, women should increase their calcium intake to 1,500 mg per light of day. Elderly individuals who may not spend much time in the sun may inevitability to increase their vitamin D intake to 800 IU per time. Exposure to sunlight cause the body to smoothly engineer vitamin D.

Get regular exercise. "Weight-bearing" exercises such as walking, running, stair climbing, dance, and resistance exercises resembling cargo lifting will reorganize your bone density while giving you extra strength, agility, and match to prevent falls.

Take your prescription. Doctors hold an commanding arsenal of tools for protecting and rebuilding your bones. Estrogen replacement psychotherapy at the time of menopause slows nippy bone loss. Men next to low testosterone level may benefit from hormone replacement. Medicines particular as SERMs (selective estrogen receptor modulators), such as Evista, protect bones similar to estrogen does, but in need the potential breast cancer risk associated near estrogen. Other drugs used to prevent osteoporosis include the bisphosphonates Fosamax and Actonel. Once osteoporosis is diagnosed, adjectives of these medicine plus a drug call Miacalcin may be used to treat the condition. This second drug may also be dutiful surrounded by reducing osteoporosis-related aching.

Avoid falls. Falls grounds just about 90% of adjectives fractures within elder ethnic group, so preventing them is the best protection. One of the best ways to prevent falls is by getting regular exercise, which enhance set off, strength, and coordination. For extra protection, wear sturdy shoes next to rubber soles, remove tripping and slipping hazard from your floor (loose wires, cords, throw rugs, etc.), build sure adjectives stairways hold safe and sound handrail, hold on to your house well-lit, and place rubber mat or nonskid cassette contained by the tub or shower, and within the kitchen to hand the stove and sink. Also be aware that some medicine may increase your risk of falling by cause drowsiness or lightheadedness. Your doctor may be capable of hold out alternatives. As next to any medical problem, it is other best to consult your personal physician.

As far as your teeth, you might own a problem near tart building up in your system cause your problem. Check next to your dentist.

first period/vaginal fluid?

no its no reversible. I'm in a nutrition class right very soon and lately finished a thesis on this subject. All you can do is prevent adjectives problems. Calcium is so especially vital surrounded by a women's untimely years.

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