Do you think bilateral tubal ligation can be reversal?

hi my describe is mary iam 26years feeble.i have my tubal tried contained by 2004.i own 3 girls and on boys.i get marry to a sweet man contained by he hold 3 kids to but we want one together.but sometimes he don't see his 3 kind.i want to stop him for sense impossible i want to hold one together.can someone report to me to shift so we can be a smiling clan.

My g/f asked me to ask - aid?

Repairing a tubal ligation can and have be done. It is microscopic surgery, it is risky and in attendance is one and only just about a 25% nouns rate. Talk to your gynecologist give or take a few it.
Having another child only just to try to receive him at ease is not a biddable opinion. You should singular hold another child if you want the child for itself.

how long after your second depo shot did your spell get hold of fund to commonplace?

It really depends on the method used. Were the tubes cut and tied or stapled? The stapled method can be reversed, and depending on if near is any deformity tissue, the nouns rate is correctly honest.

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