Peri Menopause?

Around what age does menopause symptoms get going. I'm single 31, but I hold be experiencing strange period - one month usual, the subsequent one cloying, this month just about any at adjectives. I enjoy also started to become irregular. I used to be capable of report exactly when they would be coming by the calendar, immediately it can oscillate by a week or more. Is nearby another explination or own I begin peri menapause? I'm also experienceing immensity gain, minor hot flashes. (I obtain hot, but I"m not dying of grill resembling my mother seem to do - she be 40 when she hit full blown menopause, but I've hear symptoms can start up to 10 years previously. Can this be what's occurring?)

why after losing my virginity my vagina is other raining and strong smell?

I started menopause at 34. Get a blood testing done,that will determine whether or not you are . All women are different.


hey here. my mother experienced something similar, i can get the message while you are kindof worried.
I'd say aloud that it sounds close to peri menopause. it is possible if you have started your time untimely on.
I would read aloud stir to the doctor and ask for some blood work, nearby is a blood theory test they can do to check for consistent hormones, and the absence/presence of these hormones can ascertain exactly if you are starting menopause.

Are at hand any danger of have frequent urinary tract infections?

31 is childish to be Peri menopausal but its not unknown. You inevitability to take a blood hormone rank try-out via your doctor to find out if it is menopause or something else

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