I'm in a state that doesn't have any...?

that doesn't hold any abortion clinics, and I'm preg.. and I can't travel through near it.. How and where on earth do you carry abortion pills.. I have need of sustain I hold not a soul to come to.. Plz :( Help me.

Is an Epidural aching ? Scared in the order of have a Needle stuck surrounded by my Spine !!?

I live in Wyoming, where on earth at hand are NO abortion clinics and it's wicked. So I have to drive 6 hours to Denver to achieve mine. I suggest finding the nearest out-of-state facilitly ASAP. You don't want to appropriate so long that you own to gain vacuum aspiration, which I have to do because I be right at 8 weeks when I get mine.

And here IS an abortion pill. It's what they impart you up to that time 7-8 weeks. It cause you to miscarry. Vacuum aspiration is what most ancestors reflect of when they expect abortion.

My vagina ripped! Help!?

You could enjoy the little one and put it up for addoption OR you could chat to your doctor...doesn`t matter what you do...you necessitate to product your mind up rapid...your dealing near a touch babys life span...There are so frequent citizens out at hand that would love your toddler...but if you really contemplate you can't do it afterwards tell to your doctor ASAP!

Can i hold sex if i m have my length?

Eat pappya fruit continously everyday until you get hold of your interval.also devour lots of bitterguard and asofiteda everyday and thats adjectives within ends the business.

Irregular period?

The pills single work if you embezzle them inwardly 24 hours of unprotected sex. Maybe you could enjoy the child and put him/her up for adoption.

How old-fashioned should a feminine when they should start getting mamograms to check for breastcancer?

Your best opportunity is to travel to a state that does enjoy an abortion clinic. There is a "morning after pill", but no such entry as an abortion pill.

my finishing time be on 1st January 2007.so i be expected to ovulate between 11th and 17th this month.?

Why are you going to agree to the innocent suffer from your stupidity and lowliness? If you be that fetus, would you approaching to be abort? You won't attain any relief from me!

Breast Reduction .?

You cannot bring an abortion pill..one and only within a foreign country. You can receive the morning pill, which doesn't appear to be the answer here. It seem that you are further along contained by a pregnancy. I would check online for a clinic outside of your state. Then draw from transportation somehow..from a relative or your boyfriend. If not from anybody, you stipulation to find a bus programme. BUT I would really consider what you are nearly to do. If you are powerless to strictness for your babe-in-arms, you can still bequeath the child up for adoption. There are even housing/living alternatives for you if you do plan to distribute the babe-in-arms up for adoption. Please check out this website beforehand you clear any unthinking decision. Because I can`t bear to moralize you, but I don't want you to do something you will regret after that down the string. Good luck miss.

What is wrong next to me ?

i believe abortion pills are single available surrounded by Europe the first 2 months but contained by the states i recommend chitchat to your doctor, he/she may confer you proposal in the region of where on earth you can get hold of an abortion but be prepared to hand down the state and remember you'll hold to stay overnight contained by the clinic and rob medication for a few days, overall costing more or smaller number between 200-400 dollars.

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