When I die, are they going to drain my saline breast implants as part of the embalming process?

I *never* care what they did next to my insensible body until I thought of this. Does anyone know what is standardly done beside breast implant when they prepare your body for burial and/or cremation?

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No, your implant would be not here as is during the embalm process. If you are autopsied for some common sense, next the implant are removed because they put together an incision from your shoulder to the nipple, thus forcing the removal or puncturing of the implant. Is have be my experience that the implant (only if autopsied) come stern complete within a plastic rucksack. But if in attendance is not an autopsy, no worries, your implant will be fine! Take aid!

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I wouldn't mull over they would drain them, I mingy, why? They don't pose any threat to anything. But if you considered necessary to formulate sure, you could put a piece into your living will give or take a few how you would close to your body to be handle and they are officially bound to abide by that.

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I enjoy never care any...Now, my curiosity is peaked...I own to know now.....Do you own any information on your shoot ID cards?

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Ur buried beside them as is.


I don't know...Why don't you appointment a mortician or funeral home and ask them? Or possibly give the name a mortuary institution and ask them.

Hahaha...sorry for laughing....purely the thought of desiccated body lay contained by a coffin a few years subsequently beside boobs is a funny model!

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No they give notice you the bearing you are and drain the blood and put embalm fluid but they do zilch to the breast implant. The basis for this is they want to give up your job you as your ethnic group remembered you.

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