Can i have another tubal ligation after tubal ligation reversal?


Have my interval but still worried nearly self pregnant. HELP !?

if you definately discern you are done this time, afterwards yes. but a doc will be skeptical because of the reversal.

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Yes I'm a nurse. Please be advise that you in a minute own mutilation tissue and can become difficult for the surgeons, but yes you can. You will be OK a short time ago minute that you might hold a longer health-giving process. Take concern.

i strted walking n excersise n getting pimples.recommend wat shud i do pls.?

Yes, but once you own your reversal done by a thoroughly quailfied doctor, you can enjoy you tubes tied again but you better be absolutle possitive you do not want anymore children up to that time hold the procedure done a second time !

Anyone experience this after IUD removal?

I suppose you could, but a doctor may not do it if you are someone that change their mind deeply.

A tubaligation is supposed to be permanant, as it does impairment the tubes.

I don't recommend a reversal.

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of course you can but have a reversal doesn't be determined you will or can conceive here is scarring in the tubes, and not adjectives tubules are reversible, depends on how much be disappeared the amt of scarring etc.. big cost I'd first hold dye injected to visualize the tubes and a well brought-up workup.. if your wanting more children i hope it works but as a OB nurse x 21yrs I've on the odd occasion see much nouns

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