Stress or Preg?

My time is a week belatedly as of today. I enjoy have a unpromising cold and merely get over it. Took 2 preg test at 2 days belated and 5 days unpunctually... both be NEG. Should I keep hold of taking test or am I mortal rediculous and stressing myself out?

Yeast infection?

Are you on the pill or any form of birth control? If so, afterwards your time of year should other come regularly and I'd hold on to taking test, or budge to the doctor and go and get a blood preg oral exam you'll know for sure. It noticeably could be due to stress though...I've have my interval come 10 days unpaid, and I'm pretty sure it be because I be going through some stressful situations at the time...suitable luck!

Can a woman catch pregnant after have the NovaSure procedure done? Can she take the infant?

It could possibly be Stress but if you want to know for sure budge procure a blood pregnancy oral exam that will update you for sure if your pregnate or not afterwards I don`t know you wont be so stressed out :)

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