How Do You Feel About Little Money Being Spent on Prostate Cancer Research?

Breast cancer research receive 50 times the amount of money that prostate cancer research receive.

40,000 women die per year because of breast cancer. Yet, 27,000 men die from prostate cancer.

Supposedly, dads, sons, and husbands are crucial to women.

How do you surface almost the way-out-of-proportion amount of money that breast cancer resereach receive even though your dads and sons are simply as much at risk of dying from prostate cancer?

Do you bequeath money to breast cancer research while giving little to prostate cancer?

Just too much to guess almost?

Early carrying out tests is the push button to prostate cancer.
It's that simple.
Prostate cancer is importantly treatable within its impulsive stages.
This go for testicular cancer as economically.
This isn't so next to breast cancer.
However, heart disease is still the #1 contract killer!

My mom said dat her pee is extremely totally washed out,, y do u construe its that color?

I didn't realize near be such a big difference, wow. I never see affiliations collecting for prostate cancer research. So...subsequent query is, what do we do around it?

what is it close to losing your virginity(girls)?

seeing as i am a woman i consider that it should be equal. woman and men are equal and prostate cancer is on the rise.

36DD, will I hold trouble surrounded by after that life span?

I lost my Mother to ovarian cancer, on the other hand I almost never hear a word nearly it anywhere. The blood question paper for prostate is covered by insurance, but the blood oral exam for ovarian cancer is not. How is THAT celebration?

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