Endometriosis and Exercise?

I have a hysterectomy in the order of 10 years ago due to endometriosis. Last week I did a Pilates class and have a extraordinarily fitting work out. Later, when I be done near my work out I found that be spotting.
I did expect to be for a moment sore due to some fresh exercises that I be uncommon to. BUT I hold have some extreme stomach affliction, which have last for give or take a few a week. (Yes, I did trademark an apt next to my gyn)
I be wondering if anyone have have problems beside endo after a complete hysterectomy? I own not have this humane of niggle since until that time I have the hysterectomy. It wasn't close to my stomach muscles be hurting, it be similar to the consciousness that you hold when an adhesion tares.
Do you believe that this is endo giving me problems? And own you have problems after have a total hysterectomy? I own not experienced anything resembling this contained by quit a while.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Using a vibrator *ADULTS ONLY*?

Endometriosis -- I have it.
I didn't own adjectives of my right ovary removed and 6 yrs subsequently it be pay for and worse than ever.

nearby is a possibility that if they missed a spot of Endometriosis
that it could enjoy grown.

they will do an ultrasound, i preference you the immensely best.

hold you be on HRT?
did u own ur ovaries out?

I know exactly what you denote by that reaction
when YOU KNOW it's stern!!

Get to your relatives doctor asap/if you enjoy to hang around for obgyn.
it's an emergency--- you should not be spotting or bleeding, if you own have a hysterectomy.

please aim serve asap.

im me if you wanna chat

Im kinda worried because it have be 30 days since i have my term and i usually jump 24 or 25 days is that bad

I enjoy endometriosis but I've never have a hysterectomy. I own have experience near spotting occurring when I've be stressed out.

Even though it's possible this could be stress related due to the certainty that you have a hysterectomy I agree that you necessitate to consult a dr to kind sure nought more serious is going on.

Any Ideas on this mystery disorder?

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