What's Endometriosis and What's Fibroids?

I asked a quiz the other morning and a couple of answers metioned Endometriosis and Fibroids, what are they?

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Endometriosis is one of the most adjectives cause of pelvic strain and infertility in women.

Fibroids are tumours that grow in the uterus (womb). They are benign, which mode they are not cancerous, and are made up of muscle roughage. Fibroids can be as small as a pea and can grow as significant as a melon. It is estimated that 20-50% of women enjoy, or will own, fibroids at some time contained by their lives. They are pink contained by women underneath the age of 20, most adjectives within women surrounded by their 30s and 40s, and tend to shrink after the menopause.

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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/endometrios... and

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Fibroids are little growths that can grow on the wall of the uterus, endometriosis is where on earth cell from the uterus wall migrate elsewhere surrounded by the body and lead to anguish.

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endometriosis is a condition where on earth the facing of the whom grows outsise the womb and sticks to surrounding structures such as fallopian tubes etc...this inside layer also sheds as a extent every month which is why relations near endometriosis suffer from sturdy period...fibroids are benign growths surrounded by the uterus which can grow to pretty a hulking size contained by some women


Endometriosis is a terrifically scratchy medical condition surrounded by which the inside layer of the uterus grows outside anywhere surrounded by the body.For example you can gain endometriosis contained by your bowel, bladder and even your brain! In desperate cases it can front on to Adenomyosis where on earth it grows through the muscle within the uterus walls and within most cases is lone diagnosed after a Hysterectomy and surrounded by some cases MRI scan. Both condition's can be fundamentally unbearable.

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You can obtain a free endometriosis doctor discussion guide for disease supervision at http://xrl.us/doctor

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Endometriosis is a living hell. I've have two laporoscopies presently, the deformity tissue have attached itself to my not here kidney & I enjoy profusely of kidney trouble over adjectives the cramp that endometriosis cause.

Endometriosis is where on earth the pool liner of the womb (endometrium) detatches & can reattach to other parts of the body (sometimes even surrounded by the lungs!) where on earth you bring back patch of blotch tissue. When you hold your monthly bleed, you bleed surrounded by to these pockets of mutilation tissue & it cause a large amount of cramp. A typical sympton is a muddy brown, smelly bleed commonly next to glutinous clots as dead set against the red, athletic blood that a middle-of-the-road time produces. When I enjoy a time of year pains, it can be so impossible that I own to turn to A&E to own morphine. Treatment involves surgical removal of the blemish tissue (laporoscopy), hormone psychiatric help, have a coil or as a ending result a hysterectomy. I'm at the coil stage immediately, if this doesn't work I'm looking at have a hysterectomy in the past my 30 birthday.

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I can't narrate you in the region of Fibroids, but I can relay you roughly speaking Endometriosis. Endo is when the facing of the uterus grows on the outside of the uterus and attaches to other organs within the body. There is no cure for Endo and near are millions of women who suffer from this weakness. I know because I enjoy be dealing w/ this ailment since dignified arts school. The most important issues w/ Endo is infertility and twinge, twinge w/ sex, strain w/ urination and even bowel movements. It can also exact extreme cramping.
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